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Welcome to 'Super3.org'

Welcome to 'Super3.org'

Welcome to the blog of Shawn Wilkinson. I post thoughts, idea, and projects on the largest emerging technologies (AI, space, and crypto).

What I Do

In 2015 I started a decentralized cloud storage company called Storj. You can think of it as a mixture of AirBNB and Dropbox, which allows anyone (even you!) to rent out the extra hard drive space on their computer. We then allow users, developers, and businesses to store their data on a fast and secure cloud at a fraction of the cost of the typical providers.

The company has raised $33.5M over its lifetime, with over 39+ billion file pieces stored and spread over 13,000 active nodes. I've held the titles CEO/CTO during the early days of the company, and currently serve as Chief Strategy Officer doing R&D development.


I graduated Morehouse College with a BS in Computer Science in 2014. I've conducted research at University of Washington and Aberdeen Proving Grounds.

Previous Work

Some of the stuff I've worked on in the past.


Got involved with Bitcoin in 2012 and it changed my life. Bitcoin is an innovative payment network and a new kind of money. It is one of the first highly successful examples of an incentive driven decentralized network. I started out mining 0.5 Bitcoin a day in my dorm room at Morehouse college. Unfortunately, it was making my room too hot, and I turned it off, but I fell in love with the technology. I made small contributions to Bitcoin Core, got involved with some the earliest crypto projects such as Peercoin, Primecoin, and BitShares.


In my early years I built a tutorial series teaching people how to use the 3D animation and graphics program Blender. The series has about 3.7 million views to date. I no longer do this, but it was great fun and I learned a ton about building communities and teaching.

More to Come!

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